• Wakala search
    An App that’s easily connect you with nearby mobile money agent
  • B Wallet
    A Centralized Wallet dedicated For Bills Payments Through Master pass qr
  • Insuarance over your phone
    e-Bima lets you pay insuarance over your mobile phone anywhere,
    all you need is your smartphone and Internet
  • Lite Application
    Brings an innovative scratch-voucher solution enabling unique pin numbers/ qr code to transfer E-money


AFRI-SOLUTIONS LIMITED Founded in early 2014, Afri-Solutions strive in creating Innovative Fintech solutions in the following industries:

  • Mobile Money
  • Telecom
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Renewable Energy and Other Industries


Afri-Solutions act as Mobile Money Agent representing mobile operators products (Airtel Money,Tigopesa,Mpesa and Easypesa, Mainly job is cash-in eMoney in clients wallet and cash-out eMoney when client request cash using mobile phone.


Afri-Solutions uses point of sales (POS) terminals that enable payments of various services, such as payments of customer bills E.g. electricity, water bills etc, Airtime, Internet bundles, Tv Decoder charges, payment of government taxes such as property taxes, etc.

Wakala Search

Wakala Search App is a mobile application platform specifically for enhancing and simplifying searching for mobile money agents who provide mobile money services from different MNO'S(mobile network operators) that are located in a certain geographical location/area of a person needing of mobile money service. The user or subscriber will key in his/her request of service in the app and the agent who can satisfy his request can accept and service the user after both of them locations are shared and they physically meet.

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B wallet

B-Wallet(Bills Wallet),A Centralized wallet dedicated for bills payments for mobile money user, debit cards users,paypals etc, able to do payment through master pass qr at merchants payment terminals. B-Wallet Product shall enable payment of bills using master pass qr technology under a centralized mobile money wallet of mobile money users who don't have bank accounts.

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Afrisolutions Limited plans to bring an innovative scratch-voucher solution enabling unique pin numbers or qr code transfer eMoney(electronic money) FROM Collection/settlement account and Top-up TO Agents & Customer wallets(Mobile Money & Bank) such as Tigopesa agents and customers, Airtel Money agents and customers, Mpesa agents and customers, Mobile Bank agents and customers etc. Top up is done through v-Money Application or USSD/SMS-Enabled phones.

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Afrisolutions Limited plans to bring an innovative insuarance payment solution enabling mobile money users such as tigopesa, mpesa, airtelmoney users to pay insuarance on the Go. thus users will be able to pay insuarance through the app known as eBima, this saves time also get insuarance cover note as soon as the payment is reeived with the Artficial Intelligency services the insuaracnce will be processed with in Time.

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