How It Works

Get to know v-money app works

Mobile money agents purchase & scrap off V-Money voucher to obtain Pin numbers or QR code. Each Pin numbers/QR codes have E-Money value (e.g. TZS 100,00 etc).

Agents select top-up options

Through V-Money application:
Agents may enter Pin numbers manually or scan the QR code and top-up is done automatically.


Report for successful transaction
If Pins/QR codes are valid, E-Money amount is transferred from v-money collection account and cash in/top-up in agent's account.

How it works

benefits of V-money App

  1. Mobile Money Agents shall easy meet liquidity demand from mobile money user due to convenience in recharging of their wallets therefore Increase access to financial services to mobile money users
  2. Majority unbanked able to access credit facility
  3. Job creation
    Emerging of new Agents due to Assurance of Recharging of their float account,this will lead to Increase in Agent network especially in rural areas
  4. Fast & No extensive KYC Process therefore saves time compare to banks
    Currently mobile money agents spend time and money waiting for top up process from the bank teller, Vouchers have no extensive KYC topping up procedures.
  5. Inter-network
    A Single voucher can top-up any integrated Agent’s wall.
  6. Scaleability
    Once solution deployed can be implemented anyware
  7. 24Hours / Late hours Transaction
    Therefore increase access to financial services vouchers can be sold till late hours in kiosk/shops,restaurants etc, when banks closed agents can still able to top-up their wallets and continue serving mobile money users.