(Bills Wallet),A Centralized wallet dedicated for bills payments for mobile money user, debit cards users,paypals etc, able to do payment through master pass qr at merchants payment terminals.

Our Product

Benefits of B-wallet

  • Easy Access to money
    Majority of the population have mobile money accounts compare to bank accounts,therefore B-Wallet will enable mobile money users to have B-Wallet accounts whereby they shall top-up their BWallet account by transferring eMoney from their mobile money accounts such as Airtel Money, Halopesa etc to their B-Wallet account. B-Wallet Product shall enable payment of bills using master pass qr technology under a centralized mobile money wallet of mobile money users who don't have bank accounts.
  • Easy Access to money
    Prevent your main account from hackers since B-Wallet is dedicated account for bills payments the main account details won’t be exposed at the merchants payment terminal

  • Saving
    B-Wallet users shall top up their B-Wallet account for future bills
× Will be available in Google store and Apple store