V-money Mobile application

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Benefits of V-money App

  • Fast
    Currently, agents spend a lot of time and money taking a journey to a bank in-order to top-up their floats; but with V-Money, agents will not take a journey and stay in the bank queue waiting for top-up procedures due to the fact that these vouchers will be available close to agents' working places. V-Money vouchers will save time for both sellers and agents, due to most retailers with shops/kiosks prefer selling products with no extensive procedures KYC procedures such as airtime vouchers, same retailers (agents) will sell our vouchers to agents.
  • Secure
    To get digital amount/mobile money amount in wallet, you have to top-up henceforth stolen vouchers can easily be traced and blocked through serial numbers recorded by a seller.

  • 24 hours transaction, therefore increase in agents transactions
    Vouchers can be sold in places operating till late hours such as petrol stations, restaurants, bars, night clubs etc. Therefore, agents can still be able to top-up their float and transact day and night.
  • Portable
    Vouchers are easily handled, a single voucher can represent high amount of e-money.