Wakala serach

Wakala Search App is a mobile application platform specifically for enhancing and simplifying searching
for mobile money agents who provide mobile money services from different MNO'S(mobile network operators) that are located
in a certain geographical location/area of a person needing of mobile money service.

Our Product

Benefits of Wakala search

  1. Increase usage of financial services due to Convenience in top up of electronic/digital money,the digital money topped up can pay for various products, services and bills such as electricity bills(LUKU), water bills (DAWASCO) Government taxes,mobile phone airtime etc,also the topped money can be transferred to someone else.
  2. Saves time and costs, due to assurance of getting served by mobile money agents mobile money​,​users won’t waste time ​searching for​ agents who ​are​ ready to provide service
  3. Once developed and deployed can be used at national levels and International levels therefore wide reach.
  4. Access to saving accounts due to convenience in getting mobile money youth and women can easily save money in a modern way for future use, instead of hiding cash notes which is risky cash notes can be easily stolen and quickly wear out. Saved money can pay for bills such as ​electricity ​ ​school fees,house rent,government taxes etc
  5. Credibility, Entrepreneur will able to access Micro loans and Social security services, entrepreneur can secure small loans and pay their installments through mobile money Airtel offer such service Known as Airtel Timiza,Small loans can be for retail business such as shops, Agriculture, farming education, purchase seeds, fertilizer etc.

× Will be available in Google store and Apple store